Homelessness is an issue that affects all of us. We must invest in solutions that work.

2019 Lokahi Sponsors


Our goal is to raise $20 million in five years

IHS, The Institute for Human Services aims to create a Hawaii without homelessness through community education, personal empowerment and advocacy. The organization specializes in offering tailored housing solutions for those in crisis or at risk. It empowers people with greater self-direction and responsibility. IHS envisions a community where all have hope, dignity and confidence to quickly access and sustain a safe, decent and affordable home.

Your Donation Supports A Better Hawaii

  • Mentally ill homeless who are tragically suffering will get easy access to medical treatment, guardianship, case management and experience long-term stabilization.
  • Homeless addicts will get the outpatient treatment they need with better access to specialty shelters to provide the long-term stabilization desperately needed.
  • IHS works to create a stronger, safer community that we can all enjoy and thrive.

Hawaii’s first and only Street Medicine team brings the latest in psychiatric medications to those who have suffered for far too long—their minds lost in hallucinations and delusions. They have ‘woken up’ from decades of haze, ended their homelessness and reconnected with loved ones. This initiative requires a comprehensive social services and health care team, legal services, family support, costly pharmaceuticals, housing specialists and more.