In January 2017, IHS launched Hawaii’s first and only Street Medicine team in decades to offer new psychiatric medications used to treat mental health disorders, such as schizophrenia. As documented by Hawaii News Now in the Prescribing Hope series, results have been phenomenal with Hawaii’s most severely mentally ill homeless reporting decreased hallucinations, delusions or disorganized thoughts and behaviors. ‘Woken up’ from decades of haze, not only have they ended their homelessness- they’ve reconnected with loved ones, including family and friends.


IHS launched its Prescribing Hope campaign in 2018, which aims to raise $20 million in community contributions over 5 years. By 2023, we envision a community where:


  • Mentally ill homeless will have better access to medical treatment, guardianship, case management and long-term stabilization.


  • Hospitals will see a reduction in chronic homelessness clients over-utilizing emergency services and costing taxpayers millions in unnecessary health costs.


  • Homeless addicts will have better access to outpatient substance treatment programs and specialty shelters for long-term stabilization


40 clients stabilized

In January 2017, IHS launched Hawaii’s only Street Medicine team. We are proud to share our accomplishments, including more than 40 severely mentally ill homeless being stabilized with medication, housing and support services.


Assisted 93 homeless individuals with outpatient substance abuse treatment programs who remain abstinent.


Served 1,548 vulnerable unsheltered homeless with wound care, psychiatric treatment and acute medical care.


Launched 4 Specialty Shelters with the capacity to serve 28 clients daily who are discharged from community hospitals but remain medically frail.


We are proud of our accomplishments over the past 40 years and recognize we could not have delivered such impact in our community without the support of donors like you, contractors, government allies, community supporters, service partner providers, committed staff and our team of Board Directors. But there remains so much more to be done.


A tremendous task lies ahead and we need your help today. A gift of $500 provides a full month of stabilizing medication to a homeless client in need. We know that hope is only possible through your contributions.


Mahalo for your support!